Labour Day Weekend, and making people labour for our pizza at Village Pizzeria


So Friday marked the beginning of the holiday weekend. Our family’s business decided to celebrate the weekend with a trip to Harrison Hot Springs. We feared that the weekend would be a rainy one, but the weather has held for the first evening, and hopefully the skies will continue to hold for the remainder of the weekend.


When we first came to Harrison Hot Springs we were hungry. We decided to go behind our hotel and try out Village Pizzeria. It looked like a solid small place, but pizza places can often be deceiving. Would this be a Boston Pizza, or a cousin of a nice artisanal pizza house from Commercial Drive?

How about we let the food speak!


Here is a Meat Lovers pizza with ham, salami, lean ground beef and Italian sausage. What can I say? For me, the more meat there is the better. It is hard to screw up a pizza with all the best non-vegetarian fixings.


The Spicy Thai Pizza was a risky choice when we picked it on the menu. I am not one for the odd “cultural” pizza, as evident by my disdain for Hawaiian pizzas (canned pineapples are just a weird topping for anything). However I quite liked the Spicy Thai Pizza. The peanut sauce, mushrooms, mozzarella, chicken, green onions banana peppers, and cilantro meshes together quite well. It was not as spicy as advertised, but it was definitely a treat.


Oh yeah, and for good measure we got some honey garlic wings. These were pretty good!

My verdict? Village Pizzeria is a great pizza place. It is not a fine dining pizza experience that takes itself too seriously, but it is certainly not the place you order pizza when you want it to soak up your cheap beer. When you go to Harrison Hot Springs keep this place on your list!


Village Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


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